Gents of London has an unbeatable success rate due to our smaller classes and dedicated teachers. Here are just a handful of our barber student testimonials for you the check out.



My time at Gents of London in Cardiff was extremely beneficial to me. After deciding to follow a lifelong passion and change career at 25 I was in need of some quality barber training, that is most certainly what I received…



Firstly, I had a smashing time training with Gents of London in Cardiff. The barber training was top class and delivered in a way I could easily understand and process…



Before becoming a qualified barber and training at Gents of London Academy I was an electrician and had no experience in cutting hair what so ever. To me this was a very daunting thought and like most, I often wondered how in 9 weeks you could go from zero to hero…



After serving in the Armed Forces for the last 8 years leaving the Army and finding a new career was a daunting concept. After some careful thinking I decided that I wanted to train to become a professional barber.



You want to become a barber in 9 weeks? Sounds ridiculous I know. I was skeptical about the idea of an intensive barbering courses myself. After doing my research, I decided to train at Gents of London Barber Academy.



At the age of 42, taking a leap of faith and starting out again is a daunting experience, but the last few months barber training and learning a new craft have been outstanding. Before I started this journey, I made the trip to London to visit several barber academies. I was introduced to Pete, and we chatted about what I was looking to achieve, and he spoke about how he was in a position to help me reach my barbering goals.

Its true that being attached to a fully operational barber shop, the smaller course size, and the constant flow of models to learn and develop barbering, all help the process of improving in a challenging new craft. What sets Gents of London Barber Academy apart, in my experience, is Pete and his team; Bradley, Patrick and Greg. From day one the attention shown towards each individual barber student is first rate. This is what has helped myself and the others to progress at such a fast rate.

The barber training is detailed and differentiated to suit the needs and rate of individual progress making you develop and progress that much quicker and at a standard which is expected within the barber shop itself.

Having worked in Education for 16 years before taking on this new challenge I feel qualified to make the statements that I have.

If you wish to train with the best, the best is Gents of London Barber Academy.



Before training with Gents of London Barber Academy I was a touring musician for 7 years. When I completed my amazing training, I was raring to go. I got busy and set up my own pop-up barbershop cutting hair and trimming beards at venues and events all over London: Gigs, film screenings, social dances, you name it, I was there working at it. It’s been an absolute blast and I am so grateful for the support I received.

During all of this I had been following the traveling barber ensemble Sandyman Chop Shop – dudes with a rock’n’roll attitude having fun working all over the UK at events like tattoo conventions, music festivals and vintage car exhibitions. It turns out they were hiring, and I was lucky enough to be offered a job with them before then end of my barbering course. Not only that but the owner, Simon, (AKA “Bones”) was extremely supportive of Cut The Punx and suggested an ongoing collaboration with Sandyman Chop Shop!
If anyone reading this is considering a career in barbering, I say do it – Gents of London is a great place to start! This barbering course and life style is what you make of it and there’s a world of possibilities out there



What I have learned from Pete and the team has been beyond my expectations, from service, barber etiquette, product knowledge, scissor/clipper skills and shaving.

I secured work by the 7th week of the course and I am now a fully qualified full time barber.

With a healthy continual model flow I have a fantastic insight to how a busy barber shop runs, it has helped me distinguish the distinct difference between hairdressing and barbering.

When signing up what really stood out to me from other barbering course was the smaller barber course size, I feel this gave me more opportunity for model variety and one to one tutoring.

All of the guys in the barber shop gave me pointers and made me feel part of the team, something I wouldn’t have experienced training in a college or larger barber academy.



Being a Makeup Artist in film and TV it was important for me to extend my skill set into barbering. After some research I felt that the Gents Of London Barber Academy was the perfect place for me.

I opted to do the 8 week non NVQ, this gave me more practical time cutting which I believe benefited me more by the end of the course. I learned how to cut men’s hair in a speedy and efficient manner whilst maintaining a high level of skill.

Pete is heavily involved with the teaching process and very switched on with current barber trends. Another appeal was Gents of London’s connections with fellow successful barber shops and barber networks around the UK. I was able to adapt the course to what I would most likely do for an ‘on set situation’ but also learn the upmost professional etiquette of a barber and how a barber would conduct them selfs.

I felt very confident by the end of the barber course and now feel I have gained a new skill. I would like to thank Pete and the team, Bradly, Patrick, Greg and guest barbers, @BaldyBarbers and @KieronTheBarber.



I highly recommend this barber academy. Even before the completion of my 9 weeks of intensive fast track barber training I was successful in gaining employment in a local barber shop. I feel confident and able to have a successful career in this profession.

The barber teaching was consistently of a high professional standard, the course was run efficiently and well planned. There were models available everyday after initial training giving an excellent opportunity to practice a variety of styles and a feel for salon work.

The class was small so teacher contact time was excellent and very hands on but be warned only very standards are tolerated so be prepared to work hard to get the very best out of the academy.



If someone had of told me at the start of the barbering course that I would be at the stage I am now with a job secures before the end of my barber course I’m not sure if I would have believed them.

I not only take my hat off to Pete for teaching and running the barbering course but also the guys in the barber shop Bradley, Patrick and Greg for their willingness to give pointers and hang interact with all the barber students. The team here is great and the group learning with me was fantastic, everyone really helped each other along the way.

You certainly get what you pay for and I would recommend the Gents of London family as a place to master your barber trade.



I decided to quit my job as a mortgage advisor and commit to an intensive barbering training course for a complete career change.

I wanted to learn in a real barber shop as opposed to a barber school or barber college and that is one of the biggest reasons I chose Gents of London Barber shop and Academy. Week by week my barbering ability and confidence grew, I found a great bond with my fellow students barbers which only enhanced my experience and helped me progress.

I received lots of little pointers and tips from the barbers in the barber shop; which I possibly wouldn’t have got in a barber college.

Most importantly I successfully secured a full time barber job before the end of the course.

So a big thank you to Pete and all the guys at Gents of London Barber shop and Academy. I strongly recommend this place to anyone that wants to become a qualified barber.



After being a successful professional hairdresser I really wanted to improve my barbering and men’s hair cutting ability. As much as I enjoy hairdressing I had decided that I wanted to focus more on barbering as a job. I then decided to investigate how to become a barber. I shortly figured out that going to London to train at Gents of London Barber Academy was the best place for me.
Before leaving Switzerland I was a little bit skeptical because I thought that I already knew everything about the art of cutting ..but boy was I wrong!
I pretty much figured this out as soon as day one arrived. We started with the basics and then progressed at a steady pace.
In no time at all we were all providing our clients with traditional cut throat wet shaves, beard sculpts, fades, scissor cuts, just about everything that you would come across in a real barber shop.
Working in a small group really paid off for me. This allowed me to have constant assistance when required, this made me feel extremely comfortable and helped me progress with my barber skills quickly.
I learned one very big lesson lesson: In barbering you never stop learning!
And this is what I do now, I work as a professional Gents of London trained barber in Switzerland in my very own barber shop.
If you are looking for a career change and want to get in to barbering – this is the best place to start a career as a professional barber.
Id like to thank Pete and all the Gents of London team for all that they taught me and the fun times that I spent there.

All in all, I cant fault anything. If you’re looking for a place to start your career in barbering and get the knowledge you need to break into the barber industry Gents of London Barber Academy is the one.