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By October 12, 2017Gents of London

My time at the Gents of London barbering academy was probably the best 2 months of my life, changing career at 30 was a daunting experience and I wasn’t sure if  I was doing the right thing. I checked out a few barber academies and barber schools up and down the country, spoke to them all through email and phone calls. Did a lot of research but Gents of London barber Academy stood out from the start, the small class sizes, the success rate, the professionalism and the fact you’re training in a fully functioning barber shop.

What I didn’t know until I got there was the quality of the tuition. My barber tutor Lloyd was truly incredible, words can’t do him justice, I honestly hand on heart don’t think I’d have learnt as much as I did with Lloyd with anyone else, he has a way of explaining things to you that’s easy to understand, he pushes you to be the best you can be and he believes in you when sometimes you don’t even believe in yourself. Lloyd is more than just a barber tutor, he’s a councillor and a friend too! I can’t thank Lloyd and the Gents of London Barbering Academy enough, by the end of the barber course I’d already secured a job with barber shop other offers on the table too, I’m now working in barber shop in North Wales and I absolutely love it! If you’re going to train with anyone I’d choose these guys.

Gaz 🙂