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Prior to my Barber training, I had been working in Primary schools contemplating taking the plunge into teaching. After more than 3 years deliberation I decided it wasn’t for me. This started my journey into the Barbering world.

As I began to research tirelessly (and nearly giving up), I found the Gents of London Academy in Cardiff. I looked at the courses, watched the videos, reviews, how the course ran and immediately knew this was where I wanted to train. The smaller classes were also a great selling point for me as you have a lot of one-on-one input from your educator and never feel like you’re competing to get his attention.

Day one at the barber academy I was a little nervous and apprehensive about what the course was going to be like and meeting the other trainee barbers. However, after the first day nerves I honestly couldn’t have wished for better training or a better group of people to train alongside!

The training, delivered by Lloyd, was brilliant and tailored to each of our individual strengths and abilities through out. Lloyd’s teaching and barber knowledge clearly comes from years of experience, which he passes on in a practical, fun, encouraging and easy to understand way. Besides the teaching aspect, I don’t think I have laughed so much in all my life! His humour is classic and sets a great atmosphere in the shop as we all bounce of each other!

Recently, I have been in contact with a barber shop in my home town, Bristol. I spoke to them about the barber course and they were very keen to see how I was getting on. After sending photos of my haircuts I have now been offered an interview upon completing the course! This is a testament to the quality of training you receive at Gents of London Barber Academy as my cutting in week one was a shambles. But with determination and great education I truly feel confident to succeed and hold my own in a barber shop.

I’ll leave you with this. To anyone of thinking about becoming a barber or training with Gents of London Barber Academy, go for it!
The standard of training, the quality of teaching and the amount you will learn (especially training in a barbershop environment) is second to none.
Just want to say a huge thank you to Lloyd and Pete & the lads/lass that took me from nothing to where I am today. I couldn’t have chosen a better place. I have had an incredible time over the 9 weeks at Gents of London-Barber Academy in Cardiff and will be sad to see it end.



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My time at the Gents of London barbering academy was probably the best 2 months of my life, changing career at 30 was a daunting experience and I wasn’t sure if¬† I was doing the right thing. I checked out a few barber academies and barber schools up and down the country, spoke to them all through email and phone calls. Did a lot of research but Gents of London barber Academy stood out from the start, the small class sizes, the success rate, the professionalism and the fact you’re training in a fully functioning barber shop.

What I didn’t know until I got there was the quality of the tuition. My barber tutor Lloyd was truly incredible, words can’t do him justice, I honestly hand on heart don’t think I’d have learnt as much as I did with Lloyd with anyone else, he has a way of explaining things to you that’s easy to understand, he pushes you to be the best you can be and he believes in you when sometimes you don’t even believe in yourself. Lloyd is more than just a barber tutor, he’s a councillor and a friend too! I can’t thank Lloyd and the Gents of London Barbering Academy enough, by the end of the barber course I’d already secured a job with barber shop other offers on the table too, I’m now working in barber shop in North Wales and I absolutely love it! If you’re going to train with anyone I’d choose these guys.

Gaz ūüôā


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The Stone Roses, one of Britain’s most loved iconic bands, played their first London gig in 22 years, and it was well worth the long wait. After a busy Saturday cutting hair Gents of London team were there to witness the glorious event. In full glare of Wembley Stadium, and a still baking hot summer sun, the band reminded everyone there what they’d been missing out on all that time. The crowd, who were a real mixture of young and old, were already in electric mood by the time the band walked on, and the set list didn’t disappoint as classic after classic was pumped out. Star of the show was John Squire, who is undoubtedly one of the UK’s best ever guitarists, but everyone played their bit. Opening with I Wanna Be Adored and closing with I Am The Resurrection (plus everything in between like Fools Gold, Elephant Stone, Love Spreads and many more) it was 90mins of nostalgia, sun, booze, great music and lots of swagger.

Their self titled d√©but album was played pretty much in its entirety, and rightly so. Not many bands have albums of such quality, and even less bands have that quality from album number one. You’ll find most of that album on the Gents of London Barbershop Spotify playlist, along with a few of their other hidden gems. It got us thinking in the shop, what is the best gig or show we’ve ever been too? Find out below…

Bradley: Oasis, Finsbury Park, 2002

Greg: Carl Cox, Gashouder, Amsterdam, 2015

Sammy: Kings of Leon, Hyde Park, 2017

James: Tom Jones, Live at Midnight, Every Christmas


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With the London &¬† Cardiff summertime weather rapidly arriving (or supposed be arriving) it’s the time of year when guys like to freshen up a tad. That comes in many forms and for many reasons. It can be a couple of new shirts, some new trainers, a tan or of course a fresh haircut. Everyone in the city is a little bit busier in the summer with BBq’s/weddings/holidays or just good old fashioned drinks after work. At Gents of London we’re big advocates of anything stylish, but when it comes to being British and being stylish it’s nailed on that we’re all in. Pretty Green fits both of those categories.
The clothing line was started by former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher in 2009 and was named after a song by those other British music and style icons The Jam. It was created with traditional British style heavily influenced by the 60s mod scene in mind, but mixing that with a modern twist for the younger generation. From parkas to polos, suits to shoes, gingham to paisley the brand has come a very long way in a very short space of time (which is something that we also pride ourselves on having done at Gents of London Barbershop).
This weekend they will be holding a sample sale at Truman Brewery on Brick Lane in Shoreditch, London with a whopping 80% off of some items. In our experience there’s no better pick me up for the gloomy summer weather, or the hopefully beautiful summer weather, than heading out to drinks with friends with a fresh haircut and some new clothes on. If you’re looking for the best haircut in town to go with those new clothes freely book in with Gents of London Barbershop via our online booking system.
Truman Brewery, Shop 11, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL


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May bank holidays is fast approaching and there’s nothing more traditional than getting out of the city for a trip to the seaside. Whether that’s for drinks, food, some much needed sea air and a stroll along the promenade. However, it wasn’t until the Mod/Rocker scene in the 1960s that music became a part of that tradition too. It doesn’t matter if the weather’s sunny or bad (it’ll probably be bad but that’s part of the tradition too), it’s the being there that really counts.
This Bank Holiday is no exception with the choice of venue being Margate in Kent (also known as going on a beano according to Del Boy in the infamous Jolly Boys Outing Only Fools and Horses episode), where the mixture of music, alcohol, fashion, fish n chips and time off work all collide for one epic weekend. At Gents of London we’re always interested in all things retro or music based. It completely fits in with our philosophy of looking good and sounding good. Get yourself a fresh haircut at our barber shop or academies, put on a new shirt and head out to listen to some great music. We’ve been getting more and more Mod Style Haircuts coming in the shop over the past few months and relish the opportunity to do more. It’s quite an intimidating cut to do for some barbers as technically it can be difficult, but we love doing them. For mod appointments book in with Bradley or Greg anytime between Tuesday through to Saturday.
In association with¬†Great British Music & Culture¬†there’s plenty to do including art exhibitions, markets and scooter rallies, with the surrounding areas boasting loads of restaurants and vintage clothing boutiques.¬†
Pete will be representing the Gents of London barber team on the Sunday so if you happen to see him freely mooch over and say hey.


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At Gents of London Barbershop & Aademy music is super important to us all. As soon as you walk through the academy door you’ll see this by the music coming out of the speakers. Record Store Day celebrated across the country is something that is right up our street.
For those of you not in the know, it’s one day in the year when independent record shops throw their doors open to celebrate all things vinyl, with some having live performances and some even selling special limited edition prints, from bands including the Cure, David Bowie, Ken Boothe, the Smiths and plenty more of the great music we champion in Gents.
It’s fast becoming one of the biggest days in the musical calendar with it taking off all over the world too. Listening to a record is a totally different experience than digital. You sit back, you listen to a whole 12 songs without skipping anything, you have a sleeve to hold with pictures/song titles/lyrics and most importantly, it just sounds better. If you don’t own a turntable it would be a great time to invest, if not, still head down and just soak up the atmosphere…
Here’s a taster of our barbers favorite songs of all time:

Adam’s choice

Dylan’s choice

Bradley’s choice

Greg’s choice

Sammy’s choice

Pete’s choice


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Since the launch of the second Gents of London Barber Academy in Cardiff, Wales we have been inundated with potential student barber applicants.

In June 2016 our Cardiff barber academy opened and the first course was booked up in less than seven working days.

Lloyd, our senior barber academy manager and trainer, has since successfully helped cultivate some great new professional barbers. Our barber students have come from far and wide, ranging from Swansea, Birmingham, Exeter, Italy, Australia and even as far as the Lebanon.

Through Lloyd’s tenacious attitude and commitment to barbering he has made Gents of London Barber Academy a successful permanent feature in Cardiff.

During our last meeting with Lloyd we asked him what was behind the success of Gents of London in Cardiff?

“Its for a range of reasons, yes it been hard work, long hours but also great fun.

Having previously been barbering and educating in London at the Gents of London HQ, myself and Pete always had a clear structured plan of what we were setting out to achieve.

I have known and worked with Pete and Papi for years. We share the same passion and ethos in training and passing on the vital barbering knowledge to succeed in the industry.

Most importantly, we keep group sizes small. Remember, you only pay to train to become a barber once so really make sure you investigate your options – bigger does not mean better in this instance.

We can book out months in advance for those that wish to train with the very best, our Cardiff academy is located on a busy Central Cardiff street with high foot fall, a strong repeat client base and great facilities ..and not forgetting a wealth of one to one barber tutoring”

Lloyd Morgan – Gents of London Barber Academy Director, Cardiff

Interested becoming a professional fully qualified barber in 2017? Click here and scroll down to get in touch.

To keep up to date with daily activities at Gents of London Barber Academy in Cardiff by checking out their Instagram


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At Gents of London Barber Shop & Barber Academy we often get approached by different forms of media companies on the hunt for a traditional old school looking barber shop for filming purposes.

Recently we were delighted to get a call from one of the most iconic gents brands in the world, GQ Magazine. Asking if they could kindly borrow, not only the barber shop but also Pete and Bradley for their barbering skills.

The aim of the video shoot was to interview ‘the man of the moment’ and one half of ‘The Last of The Shadow Puppets’ – Mr Miles Kane.

Topic of discussion: What makes a modern day Dandy Gent?

Not only were we chuffed to bits to get a call from GQ but we also got to meet Miles and sort him out a devilishly good haircut for and during the filming.